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Therapon Skin Health is a pharmaceutical grade skin care line developed by Dr. James S. Beckman, a board-certified plastic surgeon and biomedical/biochemical researcher. The Theraderm Skin Renewal System is a maintenance system that produces amazing restoration of health and natural beauty to your skin. With this simple 4 step system it is easy to incorporate into a routine. Their commitment is to provide superior skin health products that will be effective, affordable and easy to use by any person of any age, gender or ethnic group. The products are never tested on animals.

Therapon Skin Health provides you with simple solutions to skin health problems. We can help restore youthful skin by correcting factors that lead to an aging appearance or loss of function.

Combining Theraderm Products

unnamed The Theraderm daily maintenance system for skin health utilizes four distinct products to be used on a daily basis.  The system is effective for all skin types of all ages.  It optimizes skin health, youthful appearance, and restoration of beautiful skin.  For most persons with average skin, each component in the four-part system would be used twice daily.  This unique system was developed by a plastic surgeon to enable any person to have beautiful skin with maximum effort.

Therapon believes in using the fewest products and taking the minimum time for daily skincare routine.  Any other topical product may be used in conjunction with the Theraderm system.  This includes other Theraderm products such as Eternox, Enlighten, Eye Creme, Reversion Acne Control, or Extreme Dry Skin Therapy.

Each Theraderm product (steps 1-4) has a unique active function.  Although using the products in a different sequence would show good results, beneficial effects are magnified by using the specified order.  The key principle is to use water-based products in the first steps.  As sunscreens and moisturizers generally have oily components, they are used last.  This allows maximum absorption of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin.


Cleansing Wash is the removal process.  It removes skin debris, skin oils, and accumulated dirt that must be removed before the next products can fully act on the freshly cleaned skin.  Daily thorough cleansing is a critical step of the rejuvenation process.  Theraderm Cleansing Wash gently and thoroughly cleans the skin leaving it soft, moist, and ready to accept the active ingredients from the next steps.

If Eternox Wrinkle Reduction system is to be combined with Theraderm daily maintenance, step on e of Eternox, Exfoliating Gel, should be used at this time.  Rinse after using Exfoliating Gel and pat dry.


Fruit Acid Exfoliant is water/alcohol based and uniquely pulls any ingredients applied afterwards along with it into deeper layers of the skin.  The fruit acid contains a high percent of alcohol that loosens oily material and dissolves some lipids (waxy skin oils).  As it subsequently evaporates, it is necessary to restore the skin lipid barrier with use of steps three and four.

If Theraderm Enlighten is used for age spots or pigment control, it should be used after the Fruit Acid.  Although the Theraderm System usually eliminates the need for Retin-A or Retinol, they may be used after the fruit acid.


OPC infuses antioxidants, humectants, and vitamins to protect the skin from further damage and repair damage that has occurred from UV radiation.  OPC is a water-based product so these ingredients easily follow the lactic acid deeper into the skin.

If the Eternox system is being used with the Theraderm system, Eternox Peptide Repair (step 2) is applied sparingly at this time.  Use the thinnest layer possible for coverage to the wrinkle areas being treated.  It may be used on the entire facial skin if desired.

Peptide Repair Eye Creme, if being used, should be applied to the upper and lower eyelid skin at this time.


The moisturizing process serves to seal the skin and restore the lipid barrier which prevents evaporation of water from the surface layers of the skin.  A person with oily skin may need to use a moisturizer only every other day or as needed.  Many choose to use the Eternox Peptide Repair Creme on the entire face, and use no other moisturizer.  If choosing to use only Eternox Peptide Repair (wthout spf protection) as a moisturizer, don’t forget to use an additional sunscreen protection product.

This unique yet simple four step kit is affordably priced at $150.00.

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