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I know you’ve heard us say it before, but we’ll say it again: Our skin is one of the most important organs in our body. Not only is it an aesthetic feature of ours, i.e. visible to everyone, but it is continually exposed to the harsh environment. Taking time daily to care for your skin takes practice and hopefully becomes habit forming!

Good skin care for you depends on the type of skin you have. The market is inundated with every product possible promising you the miracle cure to wrinkles, pore size, discoloration, etc. How do you know which product is right for you? First, remember that good skin care should be done consistently, therefore do not put together a skin care regime that is unrealistic for you to follow through with on a consistent basis. Second, good skin care begins with basic skin care; wash, tone, moisturize and protect. Before you purchase any “specialty” type product make sure you have the basic skin care products.

Don’t let yourself make any huge skin care decisions just yet! Because of how valuable your skin is, you should take the time to research and learn about the best skin care products for you. Remember that just because a certain brand of skin care products works on your best friend, it doesn’t mean the same products will be helpful for you. Certainly ask around and see what kinds of skin care treatments are working for other people, but ultimately settle on what works for you the best after consulting with one of our aestheticians.

I often stand in our lobby and look at the multitude of products on the shelves and have to take a deep breathe. I mean, I heard the sales pitch on each of these products and I believe in the effectiveness of all the products, but I can’t possibly use them all nor could I afford them all. So, how do I choose?

In the beginning it wasn’t easy. O.K., it’s still not easy, but now that I solicit help from our aestheticians it’s a little less intimidating. I really did some damage to my skin as well as my pocket book before I learned my lesson. I generally operate under a “more is better” kind of philosophy. Keeping my general philosophy in mind I pretty much used all the products in the beginning. Well, my face was red, blotchy, peeling, and in fact, appeared older. After calling vendors and lodging complaints, I was gently encouraged to seek the help of one of our own aestheticians. You would have thought I would have done that prior to purchasing any product. No, I didn’t because I didn’t think I needed help with figuring out what product was right for me.

I learned so much from our aestheticians. First, guess what? More is not always better. I’m sure you had that one figured out but it’s still taking me time. If the directions on the product say use only a pea size, only use a pea size. As I read this to my husband I’m getting the lecture on what a pea size actually is. Apparently one of the products I use calls for a “rice” size amount and he advised me that I should use a “rice” size in that case and not a “pea” size because a “pea” size would be at least 5 “rice” sizes. I politely replied to him that I was work in progress. Enough of the digression. Second, understand the ingredients in each of the products. Our aesthetician kindly pointed out to me that I was using at least three (3) different products with a retinol in them, hence causing my skin to burn. OOPS! I’m not reading that to my husband because I’m sure I’ll get an “I told you so”.

In consulting with the aesthetician I was first asked what I was using to cleanse my skin. I couldn’t tell if she was wanting to laugh or cry when I responded, “Zest.” Yes, I know, with all the products on our shelves why Zest? Quite honestly, I didn’t think it mattered. I mean you end up washing it off. How important could cleansing products really be? I think it was this dialog with Sherese that prompted her article on clean skin. Well, I read her article and have not touched my face with a bar of Zest since. In fact, I only use a glycerin only bar on my body. I figure I need to take care of ALL my skin not just skin on my face.

I know that my experiences outlined above aren’t really helping you figure out what products you should use. I started out the article thinking it would be more helpful in that regard, however, I think the best advise I have is to seek the assistance of an aesthetician before investing in a skin care system for yourself. Also, ask for samples before making an expensive purchase. This will let you see if you like the feel and scent of the product. Be realistic with your goals. If you have always been a “soap and water” type of person, you should probably stick with something easy. Lastly, never ever forget to protect your skin with a great sunblock!

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