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All facials include a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, masque, paraffin and massage of shoulders, arms and hands. We offer an array of facials designed to meet your unique needs.  Each facial, whether it be designed to treat acne prone skin or rejuvenate your skin, utilizes the products in our medical grade skin care lines (SkinCeuticals, Image, SkinMedica, Theraderm, Beaute Pacifique, Obagi).  Duration of 1 hour. $75.00


HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!) and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. It does all of this in one quick treatment that delivers real results without downtime or irritation. Duration of 45 minutes. $200

Hydra Facial Add Ons – These are additional add ons to enhance your treatment and to help with various skin conditions

LED Red Light/ Blue Light – Softens fine lines & wrinkles, helps hyper-pigmentation, calms areas of red, irritated skin. This light therapy is great for patients that have not responded well to antibiotic therapy for problematic acne. $50

Dermabuilder “Botox in a bottle” – This uniquely formulated combination of peptides is designed to help stimulate collagen production and improve cell structure strength. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. $50

Lymphatic Drainage – This gentle treatment encourages the natural circulation of the lymph, removing wastes, toxins, and excess water while increasing the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Good for tired and puffy areas on face & under eyes. $50

Britenol – Intensive spot corrector, clinically proven to eliminate brown spots, sun spots and hyper-pigmentation without the use of harsh chemicals. $50

CTGF – Stimulates tissue repair and regeneration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while promoting formation of elastic fibers and collagen to achieve soft & supple skin. $50


Designer Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a non-surgical procedure that improves the skin texture and radiance. Support healthy collagen levels for firmer skin. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. Reduce acne blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. Revitalize sensitive skin while decongesting pores. 


Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel is a mulit-step application of a special blue base mixed with TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid).  It is designed to improve the appearance and health of your skin.   By utilizing slow acting TCA, this peel enables the clinician control the peel process by monitoring the appropriate depth to effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin from the face or other parts of the body.  These dead skin cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin’s own clarity and tightness to resurface. $250.00 per layer


Obagi Radiance Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance effectively exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers, leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant. $140


O2 Lift

This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.  $140


OrMedic Lift

A blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes and peptides in an organic aloe vera gel base; this non-chemical peel rebalances, regenerates, and restores skin while comfrey plant stem cells recharge your skin’s stem cells helping to maintain youthfulness of skin. $140


The Signature Facelift

Our signature results-driven treatment combines vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. New technology of centella stem cells support rosacea/redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session. $140


Lightening Lift

Uneven complexions have met their match. The results-driven treatment combines the most innovative and effective botanical brighteners luminescence and seashine with echinacea plant-derived stem cells and anti-aging peptides immediately leaving the skin younger looking and luminous. $140


Acne Lift

A potent blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids blended with lilac plant-derived stem cells to reduce blemishes, redness and diminish post breakout dark spots. Detoxifying ylang ylang and eucalyptus purify oily skin and effectively treat and heal acne lesions.$140


Beta Lift

This powerful non-blended beta hydroxy acid treatment quickly and effectively targets and improves moderate/severe acne. $140


Wrinkle Lift

This ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid and retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin firm and revitalized. Buddleja stem cells reduce inflammation and diminish photo-aging, botanical coffee and peppermint energize, while eucalyptus and ylang ylang purify the skin. $140


Perfection Lift

Our exclusive blend of exfoliating agents are combined with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells to create “perfection” when treating advanced pigmentation, acne and aging conditions. $140


Gel Peel Salicylic/Mandelic

SkinCeuticals Gel Peel SM (salicylic-mandelic) is a light, safe and naturally derived chemical peel that cleanses skin and clears congested pores while exfoliating and evening out skin complexion. All while being virtually painless! $140


SkinCeuticals Lactic Peel

Reduces signs of photo aging including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and visible skin imperfections in a series of 4-6 procedures. $140


Gel Peel Glycolic/Lactic

This light chemical peel revitalizes photo-damaged skin, helps improve appearance of discoloration, stimulates collagen synthesis & elastin fibers while promoting cell renewal. Also reduces formation of fine lines & wrinkles. $140


Micropeel Plus Salicylic

This treatment promotes the skin’s renewal process to aid in the reduction of acne and to improve rough texture, blotchiness, and uneven skin tone. $140


Frost Peel (Jessner Peel)

The Jessner Peel was designed to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active acne, dislodge blackheads, reduce shallow wrinkling and scarring, help lighten hyper pigmentation and improve the overall appearance and health of sun-damaged, acne prone, aging skin. $140


SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel

Our SkinCeuticals pigment balancing treatment helps to accelerate cell renewal and dramatically improve the uneven appearance of photodamage, and reveal smoother, brighter skin. $140


TCA – Call for details. 10% $200, 15% $250, 20% $350.


Micro Dermabrasion

DermaSweep, MD is a form of microdermabrasion that is performed without the use of crystals. Unique bristle attachments gently lift the skin surface sweeping away dead layers of skin.



A clinical microdermabrasion treatment that exfoliates your skin leaving a smoother and fresher looking skin. Duration of 1 hour. $90


Facial & DermaSweep

This treatment combines both the exfoliation of the DermaSweep and a custom tailored facial to meet your skincare needs. It also includes paraffin wax for the hands, a hydration masque and massage of the hands, chest, shoulders and neck. Duration of 1 and1/2 hour. $150



Dermaplaning is a non-invasive and painless procedure in which the surface dead skin cells are manually scraped away. This increases cellular turnover, smoothes and softens skin providing immediate results. Duration of 30 minutes. $125



Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle.

Lower Arms: $35 / Nose: $10 / Full Body: $295 / Full Arms: $50 / Underarms: $20 / Full Legs: $70 / Back: $55 / Lips: $10 / Lower Legs: $45 Full Face: $40 / Chin: $10 / Upper Legs: $40 / Bikini: $30 / Eyebrows: $18 / Brazilian: $70


Sciton Laser

 Halo Treatment

The Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, simultaneously delivering non-ablative and ablative wave lengths in a single pass over the skin.  The Halo Laser focuses energy on the deeper collagen layer of skin leaving the surface of your skin largely intact for a quicker healing tine,  It delivers the results of an ablative procedure with little to no downtime, like a non-ablative treatment  The best of both worlds!


Non-Ablative Treatment  – Face – $2,000

Ablative Treatment – Face – $2,400

Neck Add On $500.00 / Chest Add On $500.00


BBL (Broadband Light) Treatment

Face – $500 / Face & Neck – $600.00 / Face & Chest – $600.00 / Face, Neck & Chest – $1,000 / Hands – $200.00 / Lower Arms & Hands – $600.00 / Chest Add On – $500


Forever Young Treatment BBL

Improves vascular redness, appearance of rosacea, pigmented brown spots, sun damage, skin texture, and improves collagen structure.    A Stanford study concluded that Forever Young Treatments actually reverse the aging process.   $1,200.00


Acne BBL Treatment – $200.00


NanoLaser Peel

NanoLaser treats skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne scars, laxity, keratosis, & pigmentary issues.


NanoLaser Satin Peel – $250 / NanoLaser Peel 10-14 Microns – $500 / NanoLaser Peel 15-20 Microns – $1,000


MicroLaser Peel Resurfacing

Full Face Resurfacing – $5,000 / Superficial Face Resurfacing – $1,500 / Oral Resurfacing – $1,500 / Ocular Resurfacing – $1,500 / Lower Eyelids – $2,000


SkinTyte II

SkinTyte utilizes infrared energy to deeply heat soft tissue while protecting the entire treated area with sapphire contact cooling.  Targeted heating causes soft tissue coagulation and collagen contraction, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin appearance.  $500.00


Thermi Aesthetics


ThermiTight is a micro-invasive procedure where a tiny probe that emits radiofrequency energy is inserted under the skin applying energy directly to the target tissues causing immediate shrinkage.  This procedure assists with wrinkle reduction & skin tightening.

Face & Neck – $2,700 / Lower Face & Neck w/liposuction – $4,150 / Abdomen – $4000 / Thighs – $4,000


ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth can restore radiance, propel collagen production and shrink the creepy areas back into plump, radiant, healthy-looking skin!  Eye Treatment – $250.00 / Lip Treatment – $250.00



ThermiRase uses Symphony RF radiofrequency device to ablate or injure the nerve.  The effects last up to 18 months.  $1,200



Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared procedure to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin area.


Full Face – $3,500 / Full Face & Neck – $4,500 / Full Neck – $2,500 / Lower Face – $2,500 / Lower Face & Full Neck – $3,500 / Upper Face – $1,500 / Decollete – $1,500


Injectable Treatments


Botox Cosmetics – Xeomin – Dysport

Neuromodulators target one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet; the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years.  One of the neuromodulators listed is injected into these muscles to temporarily reduce muscle activity. This will cause a noticeable visible smoothing of the lines on the face.

All Neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) cost the same (the BOTOX equivalent of $13.00 per unit)



Dermafiller injectables are injected into areas of the face where more volume is desired.


Juvederm XC & Juvederm Ultra Plus – Lasts up to 12 months – $600.00 per syringe


Juvederm Voluma

Dermafiller used for deep injections in the cheek area to correct age-related volume loss.  $1,000 per syringe



Dermafiller that is indicated for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the back of the hands, and for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds.  1.5 ml syringe $850.00



Dermafiller used to temporarily smooth out and fill moderate to severe folds or wrinkles.. $600.00 per syringe


Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft

Dermafiller used to add volume & fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles & folds.  $600.00 per syringe



Sculptra is an injectable used to add volume to the face to create a soft, natural, more youthful appearance of the face. It helps build your own collagen as the product disappears.



The first and only FDA approved injectable treatment that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness, sometimes referred to as “double chin”.


Body Treatments


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Injections (Weight Loss)

The hCG weight loss program combines a low calorie diet with pain-free, subcutaneous injections of hCG. 20 day program $450 / 40 day program $900


Skinfinite Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, or Deep Tissue Massage

Skinfinite’s massages are designed to reduce stress & tension as well as other therapeutic benefits.  1 hour – $100.00



Endermologie treatment is indicated for temporary cellulite reduction & skin toning.  Package of 6 (30 minute sessions) is $450.00.  Package of 6 (60 minute sessions) is $900.00.


Vaser Shape

Vaser Shape is a non-surgical body shaping technology designed to contour unwanted fat pockets using massage and targeted ultrasound, temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Package of 6 (45 minute sessions) is $3,000.



The Cellfina System is the only FDA cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least two years – the longest FDA cleared duration for cellulite treatment.  Pricing depends on the amount of cellulite to be corrected.  Call for a consult.



The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat. CoolSculpting results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle.  Call for a consult.  $750.00 Per Cycle


Sweat Reduction



ThermiDry is a minimally-invasive treatment which targets axillary sweat producing glands in the underarms.  $2,000



miraDry is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for significantly reducing underarm sweat. It’s an outpatient procedure that doesn’t involve any surgical incisions or cuts. miraDry works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area, eliminating the underarm sweat glands. $1,950


BREAST PROCEDURES*shutterstock_294078914

Breast Augmentation $  7,605 (approx..)
Mastopexy (Breast Lift) $  9,000 – $ 14,800
Mastopexy w/ Breast Augmentation $14,000 – $ 17,000
Gynecomastia $  6,300 – $ 12,000
Mommy Makeover (Breasts & Tummy) $10,300 – $ 25,000
Breast Reduction $  8,500 – $ 15,500


Brow Lift $   7,720 (approx.)
Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) $   2,500 – $   3,500
Facelift $ 16,200 – $ 18,700
Necklift $   6,700 – $ 11,000
Chin Augmentation $   6,700 (approx.)
Earlobe Repair $      325 – $  1,500
Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty) $   7,750 – $ 15,500

BODY PROCEDURES*model-body-blonde

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) $   6,250 – $  25,000
Liposuction $   5,900 – $  13,600
Lower Body Lift $ 29,120 (approx.)
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) $ 11,000 – $ 14,000
Labiaplasty $   3,500 – $   4,500
Thighlift $   9,000 – $ 16,000


*Pricing depends on the complexity of your unique needs.  Prices above include operating room fees, anesthesia (if needed), surgeon’s fees, post operative care, follow up appointments. All surgery prices are subject to change without notice.


Dr. Enevoldsen offers many financing options, including, Care Credit.



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