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Skinfinite’s premiere therapist, Liset Garcia, wants everyone to experience massage therapy.

Spa Experience

Liset is well trained in the various massage techniques that are utilized to address aches and stresses to your body and mind. Below are our most frequently requested massages, but if you have a particular massage method in mind not listed, or a particular issue you are not sure which massage is best suited for, please call and let us recommend the best course for you. Skinfinite Rest and Relax: Skinfinite’s signature massage is designed to reduce stress and tension. Long strokes and light to medium pressure and used to bring about relaxation. By using Swedish techniques combined with a gentle touch, your body is relieved of negative energy. (60 min-$100 / 90 min-$150) Skinfinite Stone Fusion: Naturally formed river stones are heated with a blend of oils. These stones are strategically placed on your body to promote relaxation and healing. Your skinfinite spa specialist will also use rocks to massage your body. (60 min-$95 / 90 min-$125) Lymphatic Drainage: Lymph nodes are stimulated to assist drainage. This technique is gentle , steady and harmonious. It provides relief from chronic inflammation and is used in preoperative and past operative applications. (1 hour- $75) Skinfinite Bamboo Rejuvenation: Enjoy an exotic full body massage. This massage technique is done using various sizes of bamboo sticks. The bamboo sticks are able to glide and roll around smoothly, covering a broad area at one time. (60 min-$75 / 90 min- $110) Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. (45 min- $70 / 60 min- $80) Deep Tissue: True deep tissue massage can be one of the most therapeutic and healing massages. After a deep tissue massage, sore and tired muscles often become revived and energized. Your body often feels as if it had a strenuous yet impactful workout. (30 min- $50 / 45 min- $65 / 60 min- $80)

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