Laser Hair Removal

The traditional methods of hair removal; creams, waxing, plucking, and shaving, can be time consuming, painful and are non- permanent. Laser Hair Reduction offers a safe and easy method of getting rid of unwanted hair.  Here at Skinfinite Solutions we use either the Sciton or the Alderm HR Force Laser.

The laser works by emitting a light energy beam that passes through the skin and is attracted to the hair pigment.  The heat from the light destroys the hair follicle and keeps it from regrowing.  The laser is most effective on hairs that are in the regrowth phase.  Hair does not grow at the same rate which is why it takes several sessions or treatments to achieve the desired result.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result.  Laser Hair Reduction treatments are sold in a series of treatments or a package of treatments as one treatment will not suffice.  For more detailed pricing please contact our office and schedule a complementary evaluation with our laser specialist.


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