Profile™ Laser Skin Peel: Post Treatment Instructions

Post Treatment Response

The epidermis is a robust and resilient structure and functions as part of the physical barrier to protect the deeper dermis, and retain the skin’s hydration. It is often the source of fine lines and discolorations in aging skin. Contour laser resurfacing will not fully penetrate this barrier of the skin. Therefore the safety, shortened recovery time, and ease of care with these procedures are preferred by many patients.

Patients are able, in many cases, to experience improvement in damaged skin with the aid of a topical anesthetic cream and a recovery period of one to ten days often without cumbersome dressings, downtime, and general anesthesia. More aggressive resurfacing will require the use of general anesthesia and will promote the use of occlusive dressings for several days. Contour laser resurfacing is noted for safety, controlability, speed, and convenience. The result is seen as a smooth and even treatment of the skin without unwanted laser footprint or complication.

Erythema, edema, and a sunburn sensation should be noticed in the treatment area for up to twelve hours after treatment. This is a purely ablative procedure. Swelling should be present only as a short-term response. Note that resurfacing may lead to long term or permanent hypo or hyper-pigmentation. Darker skin types may have transient pigmentary loss after treatment. This transitory loss is a natural healing phenomenon with a potential period of 3 to 30 days.

Post Treatment Care

Apply a topical medication, such as Skinfinite Solutions Post Recovery Complex and sunscreen to protect the wound. It is important for the treated area to remain soft and pliable during healing through the use of topical occlusive applications.  The site should not be allowed to dry.

Often tissue will peel or flake as a result of the ablation. Peeling or flaking usually occurs after 24 hours. The slough may be expedited with a nonirritating exfoliant. Do not pick at or scrub the treated area. Peeling or flaking should be allowed to come off naturally and may be accelerated with a non-irritating exfoliant.

Avoid sun exposure or tanning lights. Always use a SPF-30 sunscreen whenever you go outside. Sunscreen is essential to prevent hyperpigmentation. On day 4-7 begin treatment with hydroquinone to prevent hyperpigmentation in Asian or darker skin.

You may choose to sleep sitting upright the first night after the procedure to avoid swelling of facial tissues. A cold compress can provide some comfort after treatment. Post treatment discomfort may also be relieved by oral pain relievers or valium. Shower with cool water on the treatment area.

Recommended time interval between treatments is a minimum of 8 – 10 weeks.

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