Sciton NanoLaser Peel

Wanting to look younger without full surgical intervention? Satin NanoLaserPeel is a happy medium between a microdermabrasion and a full resurfacing or a facelift. It can remove five to ten years off your face, leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking healthier. To remove further years, a deeper peel, between 20-40 microns, can be done to remove between ten to fifteen years of dead or damaged skin. Multiple peels can also be done to remove more layers of skin.  NanoLaserPeel can be used to treat wrinkles and scars, including acne scars and keratoses in addition to the benefit of younger looking skin.

In a NanoLaserPeel, the laser is used to remove several layers of your skin that are dead and damaged by the sun and other environmental factors, leaving your skin refreshed and vibrant. Healing for the procedure takes between 3-4 days, and because of this has become known as the “weekend” skin peel. Immediately after the procedure your face will appear sunburned, and peeling will begin on the second day. By the fourth day you will be able to cover-up the redness with make-up.
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